Training & Development

Having a well-structured and administered training program is critical during periods of rapid business growth and in areas of specialized work. Often, the few experienced trainers are faced with the burden of delivering products and services while at the same time having to mentor and train multiple staff.

XL Aero provides a cost effective program that enables organizations to implement a new or improved training program in a timely manner that is characterized by:

  • Customized Training Curriculum
  • Combined Formal and Hands-On Training Elements
  • Standardized Proficiency Criteria
  • Structured Progression Program
  • Leveraging most appropriate commercial training Software & free training material
  • Variety of Delivery Methods (classroom, hands-on, e-learning,
  • Reduced burden on Internal Expert Training

This means higher productivity levels and proficient delivery of products / services can be achieved and sustained sooner.

XL Aero also offers the following specialized training:

  • Principles of Gas Turbine Design and Certification
  • Turbine Engine Type Certification Requirements (Based on CAR533¬†or FAR33)
  • Practical Project Management
  • Engaging Teams and Delivering Results

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